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Weight Loss

Weight loss - telephone client

I had a telephone client with issues around weight :
I hate my body, I dont like my chubby thighs and fat stomach. I've not liked my body for 37 years. I have this fear of being slim lest I will be attractive, (following an unsuccessful past arranged marriage) which sabotaged all previous attempts to lose weight. One by one, we tuned in, and she softened and released the energy each time and she was totally amazed 30 minutes later that she felt so energised, positive about going ahead, felt great at the idea of a guy fancying her. Also, she initially felt really weird at liking her body after 37 years of not doing so.... we cleared that too. ET is so simple and can be so fast and you can do so much with it. Needless to say, she's booking a course!

EFT Cravings & weight loss
I used EFT on my cravings for sugar and sweet things which always came up around 4 pm in the day. It was amazing. The cravings just disappeared. Since then I’ve been using EFT on all the emotions I feel about food and my body. Now I feel really good about myself and I’m losing weight steadily and consistently.

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Weight loss, Insecurity, Age issues & IBS
The client was a singer and model, age 27. She had great insecurity issues about her age, about whether she'll make it in music since she's getting older and because she's so insecure she cant go away from home and leave partner to do recording work. She also wanted to lose weight and saw her IBS as stopping her and her sugar & chocolate cravings. Her passion was music but she's frustrated and trapped by her issues about age and insecurity and so couldn’t see herself ever being fulfilled. She'd been feeling this way for years and had been to all kinds of therapists for help.

Physical Symptoms
EFT Ringworm & Loneliness
“I’d had a big patch of ring worm on my leg for a few years. It was there on and off since I was about 8 and lately had got really angry. No natural aids helped and only lashings of fungicidal cream kept it down, only to flare up again when I eased off the treatment. Once I discovered it was on the line of the stomach meridian and started tapping the meridian points for emotions arising from energetic imbalance in this meridian, such as constantly seeking love and recognition, the floodgates opened big time!!! Deep deep feelings of loneliness came up which then cleared a few moments later. Before the tapping we’d tested the leg with muscle testing to see if it was strong. Well it was extremely weak. After the tapping it was really strong. At this point I ceased putting any more cream on the remaining patch of ring worm and it cleared up within a couple of days and has never come back since. Interesting that since then all my loneliness feelings that I felt on and off through life have vanished !!!
EFT and Migraines
I told my doorman "John" that I was interested in how well the one short EFT session for the treatment of his chronic migraine condition had lasted. John told me that after suffering from weekly and sometimes daily migraines since childhood, he hadn't had a single migraine since the EFT treatment, which was between 5 and 6 years ago. He still doesn't understand what went on in my office, but is thrilled with his relief.
IBS symptoms – gone
This client was suffering bloating, constipation, diarrhoea with pain and a tight knot in her stomach. She also appeared hard, tense and stressed upon arrival at the clinic. The symptoms were particularly exacerbated by her job, and the knot in her stomach would get severe in certain situations that would arise in her job. We tracked back the start of the IBS problems to a very traumatic time when her second newly born son was very ill, in hospital and nearly died. When speaking of this episode there was till clearly emotional charge present together with a tightness in the abdomen i.e. indicators that energy was still blocked there. We used EFT and EmoTrance to release the energy relating to this trauma from her body; mainly it was in the abdominal region. On her next visit I asked how her symptoms and her stress levels had been. She said her symptoms were resolved, she had much less tightness in the stomach and the tight knot she had had during previously stressful times at work was completely gone.
Pain in chest, back, knees and feet
This client came to get some relief from his arthritic pains and to be able to wean himself off his pain medication. Looking at his diet, which was completely devoid of fruits and vegetables, I recommended a dietary programme for long-term improvement. We had 15 minutes before the end of his session to I asked would he like to try a new and wacky technique for pain relief. The client was about to go in to hospital the next day for an epidural for the arthritic pain in his back. I used EFT asking him to focus systematically on the pain in his chest, then back, then knees then feet. All his pains disappeared. He asked if they would come back and should he go in for his epidiural. I said, they may come back as he has an underlying condition caused by his lifestyle but that he now had a quick drug free cost-free pain relief technique so it was up to him if he went in for his epidural. He chose not to and has gone on to improve his diet and reduce his pain medication, managing it with EFT.
Chronic Back Pain
This lady came to an EFT workshop to see if she could get some relief for her back pain, having been in and out of chiropractors for years. She felt that there were emotional factors but didn’t know exactly what or how to access or release them. During tapping the meridians with her focus on the pain, the pain started to subside but she had a very emotional memory flash to an incident that happened to her as a child, which created total seizure and fear for her. She decided to come to see me privately for this. We used EFT on the emotions relating to this memory, which were fear, shame and guilt. As we released them she felt warmth and energy flowing in her back. She also realised that every time she felt fear in her life, her back used to get worse. Since our session, her flexibility and pain levels have much improved. I feel more work is needed on other episodes in her life where fear was an issue in order to create further relief, but she is happy with the progress for now.
Fybromyalgia & Chronic fatigue
This lady came initially to collect some herbs for her husband but revealed that she had problems herself. She’d spent about £2000 over six months at an expensive clinic with a whole range of nutritional supplements and hadn’t improved at all. In fact, she said she felt worse. She’d suffered illnesses most of her life but since moving to England from South Africa her fatigue and Fybromyalgia symptoms had worsened. I asked her how she felt about being in England. She said “I don’t feel welcome, don’t feel a part of any groups or community here”. I asked her when did she first start getting ill, she said…. “I’ve been ill all my life”. Emotional charge intensified as she revealed that her Mother never wanted her, so she’d always felt unwelcome. I asked her where she felt this in her body…. She said, in her heart. We used EmoTrance to focus in, softening this energy and it released through her body and left through the arms and the legs. Energy also flowed up through the head, seemed to get stuck there (she’d also suffered from gum problems since having Fibromyalgia) so we softened it some more to release it all. As all this energy was releasing, the client said she was experiencing joy for the first time in so many years and that she felt ‘wonderful’ and couldn’t remember the last time she felt this good with so much more energy. This was one session. She was by no means healed completely, a few weeks later said that the session had made a quantum leap forward in her general well being, cheerfulness, being able to get up brighter in the mornings and feel refreshed now after sleeping. Although she still has more work to do she can now see how her emotions, and the blocked energy underlying it, can effect her physical health, and will be scheduling some more sessions to continue this work.
EFT and Lupus
This client suffered from regular headaches, joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. Also a lot of emotional problems, accompanied by weight gain, sleeping problems and a cocktail of anti-depressants, sleeping tablets and pain killers. She had taken an overdose on two occasions due to her depression. She was at this point living apart from her husband for 9 months and anxious about the idea of going back to him. I asked her when did the headaches first start? “Just after our honeymoon 20 years ago”, she said, and the tears welled up when she talked about what happened at that time. At this point she started with another headache. We used EFT on the emotions she felt … jealousy, lack of self worth, feeling unloved, followed by the sense of responsibility and pressure she put herself under to compensate for these feelings of low self esteem; then guilt and sadness about her attempted suicide. During the tapping all the places she got pain, flared up again, head, hands, shoulders, knees. But as the emotions dissolved away with tapping the meridians, so did the pains resulting in a new freedom. At the end of our session she was pain free, felt so much lighter and at peace emotionally and had so much energy she said she had to go out for a walk or run to use it up. Since then she’s reconnected with her husband, sleeps soundly, is happy, feels good about herself and has had no joint, shoulder or knee pains since. Since our session she’s off all medications now and uses EFT for remaining emotional issues which come up (bringing with them a headache) which goes when she clears the issue. She is a transformed woman, is so much happier and now, a few months on has no signs of Lupus in her blood tests at all.
Ex-boyfriend Trauma
A friend of mine was having some trauma because her ex-boy friend had been "terrorising" her, the mere mention of his name would cause her be in jitters. I offered to try a new healing technique, I did a simple pre-talk, then lead her through the EmoTrance procedure. She mentioned that she felt the energies going to her eyes and mouth area. I directed her to release it out of her system. I tested her by talking about her ex-boyfriend and it didn't bother her anymore. Recent feedback from another girlfriend is that she seems to have been "cured". There was an incident when they met her ex and she was calm and not affected by him.
Healing relationships with deceased Mother …..
A student on the EmoTrance course decided to tackle the shield she had with her mother, who always used to grab her face and kiss her on the lips, right up to when she died, which made the student cringe and want to pull away !!!!! Although she had a good relationship with her father, she never had a loving relationship with her mother, who she felt was always wanting to drain her own energy. Anyway, she was the volunteer for the shields demonstration. It was a big issue for her, which incidentally she processed in no more that 10 minutes, but it was so moving and beautiful. She said afterwards that she now felt love for her Mother which she never had felt before. It was interesting to observe that her whole demeanour had changed afterwards. She became so much more gentle, so beautiful and the absolute embodiment of love. It was amazing. She said it was the most important 10 minutes she had ever spent working on herself yet!!!
Couldn’t cope with my wife’s illness and personality any more
Overloaded with stress due to his wife’s degenerating health, the increasing dependency upon him, her argumentative and volatile nature and the other work and domestic jobs and problems he was at the end of his tether, unable to cope, feeling resentful about his marriage choice. Using EFT we worked on releasing all of these stresses systematically resulting in being able to handle his wife’s situation and personality more easily, to feel very positive about it, to release guilt about the past. With this new sense of openness towards his wife, he called me to report that the changes in him seemed to have created a shift in her. She seemed to have a new softness in her demeanour and her attitude towards him that he had not seen for a long time. He has been delighted with these breakthroughs and his new tool for keeping himself in balance on a day to day basis.
Woman in marriage crisis empowered to take control of her life again….
One lady was having a crisis in her marriage I sat down with her to do some EmoTrance with her which she found helped her feel lighter, the tightness in her chest eased in relation to her husband, and she had lots of new insights about what was going on and how she could move forward. What I liked about this was when she came up to me a few days later and said ........ the thought of going back to her husband brought the energy block back in her chest and all the emotions that went with it. She just stopped, thought “its only energy”, softened the energy herself and it flowed out down her arms until her chest was clear and the emotions had all gone. She was so excited and so empowered that she just did it on her own and that she had such a powerful tool to help herself now handle any emotional crisis that might arise.
Healing relationship with her Mother who left her to be raised by grandparents.
This client had a lot of resentment and negative emotions towards her real mother. She couldn’t even say the word Mother and always referred to her by her Christian name. After one beautiful session of EmoTrance, where she dissolved a hard old block of energy relating to her Mother and then allowed the energy of her Mother’s love to enter her being and she was able to say “Mother” at last. She now felt love for her Mother for the first time and could forgive her. The client felt so open, loving joyful and free after the session and felt that this day was the first day of her new life.
Another case today, came in for EFT for her guilt she was feeling since leaving her boyfriend last year as he was still alone and unhappy. She was now in new relationship and pregnant but the guilt was causing her depression and beginning to effect eating patterns. I thought Id try EmoTrance instead of EFT. It took all of 10 minutes to clear it all up completely using the standard approach, clearing energy in the stomach, behind the eyes and back in the stomach again. We were both amazed at how fast it was to totally clear these emotions.
Healing Relationship with her Father
“I’d had a discordant relationship with my Father for many years, often judging his actions, often cringing at the idea of giving him a hug. I’d also tended to be fairly independent and mostly have lead a solo life with respect to relationships. After my EmoTrance session the ‘disconnect’ with my Father had gone. I felt a great sense of warmth, love and ‘fullness’ for the first time in my life. After that I noticed I felt more loving towards my Father and an ability to express that affection with him. I also noticed a much stronger sense of security and the ‘neediness’ I used to feel in relationships has now gone. It’s even effected my eating patterns, that need to be ‘full’ isn’t there any more, as I am already!!! This has made such a profound impact on my life and I am so grateful for these energy therapies for facilitating this.”
“My husband had an affair, and I was devastated. EmoTrance helped to restore trust”
When he told me it literally broke my heart and since then I’ve had this knot in my stomach and have been unable to eat. We used EmoTrance, simply softening the pain I felt in my heart at the memory of him telling me. The energy softened and started to flow upwards. I felt a bit sick, but we continued and it eased and I felt the energy then flow up and out of my head. The pain in my chest had gone, amazing! But I still had the knot in my stomach, when I thought about food. But once again, we softened this blocked energy in the stomach and it just flowed down and out of my body. I was completely amazed at how good I felt. I still had an issue about trusting my husband though. I felt that lack of trust in my stomach again, but after softening and releasing it with EmoTrance I felt really free. And all that took only 40 minutes – and I might add, very discretely, in a bar!! The next morning I felt so light, like a cloud had been lifted from me, in fact, I’ve never felt better in my life! I love my husband very much and we are now both committed to rebuilding our relationship.

Separated – Relationship and Intimacy Restored after EmoTrance
This couple were living apart and the wife didnt feel like being physically
intimate with her husband anymore (which is why she moved out). After 20 mins she fancied him all over again and they have ended up getting
back together. This is how the session went .....
Sandra: "What do you want in relation to your husband?
Client: "Dont know"
Sandra: " and where do you feel that in your body?"
Client : in my stomach
We softened and released it, it flowed out her legs and feet.
Sandra: Ok now, what do you want?
Client: I want to be free.
Sandra: and where do you feel it in your body when you say I want to be
Client: Its fear, in my chest.
We soften and release the energy, flowing up and ot of her mouth.
Sandra: Ok now, when you say you want to be free how do you feel?
Client: Thats strange, i feel neutral.
Sandra: Ok, so now, think about your husband. Where do you feel it in your
Client: In my stomach.
We soften and release it.
Sandra: Now when you think of your husband how do you feel?
Client: Thats strange. It feels ok now. Ive not felt like this for at least
a year.
Sandra: Now, how much do you fancy him? How attracted are you to him?
Client: Well I dont fancy him much, say a 6 out of 10.
Sandra: So when you think about that, where is it in the body?
Client: In my heart.
We soften and release it.
Sandra: Ok now, how much do you fancy him?
Client: Well I do now. I can see me looking forward to him coming home from
work but then when he gets home and is actually there I feel blocked about
Sandra: So when you think about being intimate with him, where do you feel
Client: Its out there(points in front of her) its a block between us.
Sandra: put your attention on this energy and soften it, and tell me what
Client; Its melted and is on the floor.
Sandra: Where does it want to go?
Client: Its coming in.
Sandra: Does it feel ok coming in through my feet?
Client: Yes.
Sandra: Ok let the energy flow in and through and tell me where it flows and
where it wants to leave.
Client: Its flowing up and out my mouth.
Sandra: Ok let it flow up and out and tell me when its all cleared through.
Client: Its clear.
Sandra: Ok now, your husband comes home from work, you're looking forward to
seeing him You know he'll want to make love to you, how do you feel?
Client: Smiles.... God this is amazing.
Sandra: When was the last time you felt this way towards your husband?
Client: A couple of years.

As I said, they’re getting back together again now and have restored their

Spider Phobia and EFT
“Spiders were a problem area for me - bringing on panic attacks at times. At first I couldn't even imagine a spider without feeling sick to my stomach, by the end of the EFT session we were in the porch and I was nearly close enough to pick one up! I was watching as my therapist touched it and made it move, and I didn't flinch. I still haven't picked up a spider, it's just not one of those things at the top of my 'to do' list! However, when I have come across one, I haven't panicked, nothing has happened at all - it's like the fear has disappeared.”
6 years Fybromyalgia – in remission
(A story from my colleague Kath Baker who uses EmoTrance with her reflexology treatments). This client in her 40s suffered with Fibromyalgia. During the consultation she told me her grandfather whom she was close to died when she was 10. At the age of 11 she was experiencing lightning pain in her wrists, had many inexplicable pains later and various operations. She always had a bad back, was allergic to tea (used to drink 40 cups a day, but had cut down to 20). For the last 6 years was unable to work due to the fatigue, headaches, and pain. Although she knew tea upset her she was unable to cut down any more. When we talked about Granddad she told me she missed him a lot but she did not cry when he died. She used to sit on Grandad's lap was very close to him and they used to drink tea together. I felt that this loss was contributing to her illness in some way. I used the EmoTrance process during the reflexology treatment whilst she was getting in touch with the feeling of how much she missed him. As the energy moved through her body it was at times intense, and exactly the same as that experienced during a Fibromyalgia attack. She was able to describe clearly the routes the energy was travelling and these mirrored specific meridian pathways exactly. After two such sessions she was experiencing hardly any pain, when a stress occurred she was able to go and lie down and soften the energy and allow it to leave, massively reducing the duration of an attack. After her second treatment she experienced such a rush of energy she was awake most of the night! She felt this was her cue to try to cut down on tea. I gave her dietary advice to eat as unprocessed a diet as possible, no wheat and dairy and plenty of water. She also began taking a wholefood product consisting of dried fruit and vegetable juices in capsule form to supplement her diet and aid detoxification. EFT dealt with her cravings for the tea and the accompanying headache when she tried to remove the last cup easily. After just three sessions her Dr. and Physio were amazed, she has gone into remission after 6 very painful years. The bonus of working this way I think she would say was how it really showed her how emotions were affecting her physicality.
EFT and Headaches
“Just a quickie to say thank you for giving me the tapping technique. You wouldn’t believe the difference its made to me. Its reduced my Solpadene from 4-6 a day (for years) to nil a day !! Its really great so am keen to do some healing with others now.”
Work Issues
Work Stress
I have been passionate about my work for many years and had recently launched a new expansion phase in the business. After a while, the management issues of staff, premises, marketing, sales, IT problems were getting me down. I’d lost the joy in the business and was really struggling with my energy levels and was even questioning whether I should be continuing. I tried reflexology – wonderful relaxation, but the stress was back the next day I was at work. I tried a health farm – beautiful, peaceful and tranquil, lots of pampering but – the stress was back as soon as I was back at work. Eventually, I got round to trying EFT. Well, I was amazed. After only 20 minutes of tapping, while focussing on all my stress triggers; the staff issues, stress of sales targets, stress about premises etc one by one, I jumped up, totally re-inspired again. I was once again full of energy, ideas were flowing again and I’ve been literally zinging ever since.
“Had trouble concentrating and focussing my mind. Also felt blocked about expressing myself.”
I’d heard about EFT and EmoTrance and thought I’d book a telephone consultation to try it out. I’m an accountant and whenever I had to analyse and evaluate several options I just had a block and couldn’t do it. It was almost as if I didn’t have the confidence and stopped rather than try then find out I’d failed. I felt the block in my head and I also had a tightness in my abdomen. Sandra guided me by phone using EmoTrance, softening the energy in the head and the abdomen, and I felt it flow out of my body. I was surprised to then find how much more comfortable and at ease I was with applying my mind to these analytical problems afterwards. We also looked at where I felt blocked when trying to express myself to people. This tightness was in the chest. We softened if again, the energy flowed out of the body and amazingly, I felt so much more at ease, flowing and confident afterwards.
Work Stress & Peak Performance
I was stuck, unable to move forward in life
This client came wanting help to move forward in life. Wanting to set up his own business, be successful, creative and secure but felt stuck, trapped, full of self doubt, fear that old patterns of being dependent on others would rear up again and that ‘it just ain’t gonna happen’. He had a strong sense of feeling blocked from deep in his solar plexus and chest. After one session of EmoTrance he felt light in the solar plexus, was free of all presenting negative emotions and could see nothing from stopping him from moving ahead and creating his dream.
I was numb, no emotions at all
This lady came to me having attending other emotional healing courses with no success as she couldn’t feel anything, felt numb, so didn’t experience any results at all. Even her sister having cancer registered no reaction at all with her. We tracked it back to a time where she’d disconnected from everything, due to stress overload during separation from her husband. After one session of EmoTrance, taking down the shields and barriers she’d erected for protection and freeing up the energy blocked (emotions) about her last partner the room was transformed into a sense of softness and love. I asked her if she now felt different about her sister. She said, yes, she now felt love for her. She has been able to remain open and connected and able to experience her emotions ever since.
Stressed about my daughter’s health problems
This client telephoned today for advice about her daughter. I noticed the stress levels in her voice and asked her about it. 9 out of 10 she said. After a few rounds of tapping with EFT over the phone which took no more than 4 minutes, her stress had gone completely.
Car Theft Trauma Healed
After my initial phone session on EmoTrance I was the victim of a robbery: my car was broken into, and my purse, containing money, credit cards, cheque book, driver's license, and who knows what else was stolen. That night I awoke at about 4 in the morning feeling rotten. I did EmoTrance on the spot and felt all of my chakras go from feeling knotted and collapsed to feeling light, twinkly and expanded. I fell back to sleep feeling peaceful and the next day I calmly went about setting things straight, without feeling victimised or resentful.
Fear of Public Speaking and Singing
“I would also like to thank you for the EmoTrance and EFT session you did with me. As you know I sang with my friend last night at a club and although I didn’t give the audience lots of funny anecdotes I did actually say a few words of introduction to them, whereas before, I used to clam up and panic at just the thought of it. I can say that for the first time ever, I wasn't nervous or feeling nauseous before I went on, was very relaxed and really enjoyed being on stage and that has NEVER happened before!!”
A Child’s Anger Managed
An exasperated Mum, a current client, brought her 12-year-old son, with anger problems to me. I started to teach him magic tapping, (EFT) and we did some on a situation that happened that day which he was still angry about. He showed me how angry he was by stretching his arms out, and getting closer together as the intensity dropped. He said it was weird as each couple of rounds of tapping it got smaller. Then I told him about visualising the tapping and we applied it to another incident. Now he was really amazed how quick the emotions subsided without even doing the physical tapping. I told him he had one more lesson to learn and I taught him EmoTrance. I explained simply about energy getting stuck and that he needed to soften it to release it. So he did and this time was really amazed as he felt the energy flow down his arms so fast. He was grinning from ear to ear, totally wowed by this new skill and the weird sensation of the energy flowing down his arms or legs, and that his anger went so easily.
Asperger’s Child & EmoTrance
I did an ET session with an Asperger's diagnosed 12 year old child this morning relating to fear of being noticed and being looked at because he had to attend a public concert at a local school with his group from the special unit and had a lot of fear about it. The boy in question accepted ET readily and easily. I explained about feelings being stuck energy that needs to leave somewhere and he accepted this readily and without argument. First there was fear of being noticed by the other children, which he felt in his stomach, and this energy moved up and came out through his mouth. He was much calmer after that. Then, there was a fear of being looked at directly, which he located in his head. This energy moved all around and came out through his skin. Next was fear of what kids would say to him - comments about his looks, about being stupid. Once he had the hang of it, he actually started to giggle when I told him sternly that he was a total idiot and useless as well and was quite animated giving eye contact. After returning to school and further teasing episodes in the playground, he was delighted and proud to report back that he had moved the stuck energy of his emotions all by himself and his lack of upset reaction to his bullies actually made his bullies cry!!
21 years Anxiety gone in 5 mins with EmoTrance
I am an ETP and an ET trainer from from Norway. Recently I was contacted by a lady who had had anxiety for 21 years. She had been unable to work for many years. I followed the normal ET procedure, she felt a lump in her stomach, moved after softening it, to both shoulders and then out of her arms. Tremendous energy moved through her body, hands were shaking. Had to repeat once and fill the void left after the lump ,with light. She felt no anxiety at all, but rather shocked by the fact that it was gone . The energy rush continued for several ours, hands and feet tingling. She now stated that she again could feel the different parts of her body that she hadn`t felt for 20 years, she had only felt the lump and the anxiety! This woman had over the years used more than £3000 on various alternative treatment modalities. Not to mention doctors/psychologists etc. So this shows indeed that ET can change things quite fast and dramatically, and reminds us just how valuable it is.
PTSD by Telephone
A client called me up last week with high anxiety, which he’d had ever since witnessing a mass killing of passengers on a mini bus in a war zone 20 years ago. The constant fear that someone was going to kill him was controlling his life and he could no longer function fully in his professional role of chartered accountant. 40 minutes later after using EFT his anxiety and fear was gone and he could think about the events with detachment and no emotional intensity. He said he had not felt this good in 20 years.

Practitioner Testimonials

Phil Mollon Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author
Anne Stanton, Reflexologist, Yorks
Kelly Holden, Medical Herbalist, Iridologist, Colonic Therapist, E.Sussex
Peter Tomlinson, Reflexologist, Lancs
Russell Cole, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Dartford
Baya Salmon-Hawk, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Specialist, MET, Herts
Kelly Mayne, Hypnotherapist, Surrey
Steve Bishop, NLP, Hypnotherapist, Windsor
Karen Oscroft, Kent
A.Simms, Reflexologist, Reiki, Kent
G.Mooney Daniel, MAR


Phil Mollon Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author

EFT and other methods within the family of energy psychology are the new therapies of the 21st century - rapid, highly effective, and utterly gentle. I have found that the results are often astonishing. My conclusion is that the older forms of psychological therapy are relatively inefficient and ineffective because they do not alter the information patterned into the energy system. By targetting the energy system, the disturbing emotions and anxieties can be easily released with minimal distress.


These approaches are not superficial, but appear to tap deeper levels of the mind-body interaction than most other psychological methods. My own practice has been transformed since using EFT and other energy methods - and sometimes results can be achieved in a few minutes that would otherwise have taken months. Whilst the research on energy methods is still relatively limited, the evidence so far is that these are very effective and safe therapies. My only note of caution would be that where a person's psychological problems are complex and multiple, then the work will necessarily be more prolonged than in relatively simple cases.


Anne Stanton, Reflexologist, Yorks
“I’ve been using EFT in my practice for 2 years now and it’s been amazing! I use it with clients for physical problems that aren’t responding well to Reflexology, and have been able to expand my work by using it on client’s emotional problems, an area I was unable to treat before. For example, I’ve worked with phobias, and PTSD… an insurance man who’d been mugged had PTSD for years, we cleared his anxiety symptoms in one session… I’ve used it with grief following bereavement on several occasions and EFT released it in one session. I use EFT a lot for pain. Although Reflexology works well, the effects last a few days only. I can teach EFT to clients with chronic pain and they can apply it themselves for pain relief and pain management at home.


Kelly Holden, Medical Herbalist, Iridologist, Colonic Therapist, E.Sussex
I found the course fascinating! This will help me to work through personal issues effectively and help me to help my patients make major breakthroughs in their life challenges. I feel like I’ve just learned this fantastic, profound, yet simple tool to help people make major shifts in their lives. I’d recommend it to any practitioner.


Peter Tomlinson, Reflexologist, Lancs
EFT is working well in my practice with excellent results. I was sceptical about EFT when I came on the course, but I have to admit that it works with incredible results. I am trying it on everything at the moment, just to find something it doesn’t work on!!


Russell Cole, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Dartford
An excellent course lead by an excellent trainer. I came to the course to look for a tool to deal with my own issues and found a very full and complete therapeutic system in its own right. During the course I identified underlying personal issues and used EFT to deal with them effectively. The feeling of energy flowing more freely is remarkable. 

Baya Salmon-Hawk, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Specialist, MET, Herts

Dear Sandra,

Thanks for the wonderful two days of EmoTrance..... I nearly decided not to attend this training because I felt EFT was enough, an excellent therapy system and since my clients seemed to be getting better using it, I was no longer clear why I had wanted to sign up for EmoTrance in the first place.

However, following the training in Brookman's Park, I am convinced that the Emotional Tranformation system (EmoTrance) is the logical follow-up training from EFT. First of all because it follow similar energetic
principles and secondly because my practise and "feel" for EFT allowed me to
embrace EmoTrance quickly and I believe more fully.

This new system helps to deepen our connection with our own energy field and the energy field that surrounds us, it also allowed me to experience a particular "force field" or "shield" that had disturbed my energy receptors for many years without my conscious knowledge and to take the risk to lower it.

I noticed that I had even less ab reactions than with EFT and marvelled at the easy use of the method. Hardly a metaphor in sight, no trances at all and much transformation or rather transmutation of energy.I usually feel exhausted after two days training of any kind and was astounded to feel profoundly energise and "bouncy" for hours after it was over.

I would highly recommend this training for EFT practictioners who want to deepen and refine their work with energy. I believe that my patients will really appreciate the deep elegance of EmoTrance.



Kelly Mayne, Hypnotherapist, Surrey
Thank you so much for a wonderful course, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt that I took an amazing technique home with me. I have used it loads !


Steve Bishop, NLP, Hypnotherapist, Windsor
The course really exceeded my expectations. I was a bit sceptical at first until a tapping exercise released a lot of emotional energy which had been blocked. During the course I released a dis-empowering belief that I was a fraud and now feel I have the tools to become the ultimate therapist. The facilitation was excellent. Sandra gave everyone the space and time to explore each issue they had. A genuine person who gave her best for us to be our best.


Karen Oscroft, Kent
The course was excellent. An enormous amount of material was covered and I have gained the confidence to develop my practice. The facilitator was excellent. Sandra has the ability to make some difficult concepts very easy to understand, she is very approachable. For anyone wanting to increase their tools as a practitioner , EFT is a must.


A.Simms, Reflexologist, Reiki, Kent
I will be using these skills daily as they are so simple and effective. I now have the confidence to charge more for my time, knowing I have great skills for helping clients make real changes in their lives. The techniques allow you to release emotions from years back as well as the present. When the energy system is blocked in areas that we hold stress, we often have physical ailmemts or pain. Great course, great manual. 


G.Mooney Daniel, MAR
“The course was a wonderful experience. I will definitely be using these tools as part of my practice. During the course I released a lot of personal issues which was good to experience. Brilliant course leader. Am very motivated.”