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DE-TOX and DE-STRESS Healing Retreat
Swisscare Hotel, Nuweiba nr Sharm el Sheikh, EGYPT
with Sandra Hillawi and friends
Join us from 23 October 2010 for 1 or 2 weeks


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The Concept


The Programme


The Venue


The Cost and Booking Information


The Programme Director and Staff

The Concept
This is a yoga and healing retreat focusing on health of mind body and spirit and a chance for lasting weight loss by healing our relationships with our self and with food.

In our lives today we are subject to many stresses, from work, family, relationships and trauma. We don't always have the time to really relax, to process well what is happening, to let go, or to support ourselves enough through good diet. In fact the more stressed we are the worse dietary choices we make.

We stop making the time to nurture ourselves through nature, quiet reflection and prayer, spending time with loved ones, enjoying recreation or relaxation therapies.

Health is based on a constant flow of all life energies in and through our system.

Energies from our relationships, our work, nature, the environment, are there to nourish and enrich us. Sadly, we don't always handle life's energies well; sometimes there's just we have too much to handle, or sometimes life events are just too big to handle.

We experience a build up of pressure in the body known as stress, which manifests both emotionally and physically.




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Sandra Hillawi has designed a complete programme to dissolve this stress, release the pressure and restore the natural flow in you. Its designed to nourish you and renew you in many ways that you have been missing. We have a cleansing diet, a workshop programme to educate, transform and empower you, and a personal healing and relaxation programme for deep release, personal care and attention. As we help you melt away the overload of life pressures, worries and traumas you will rediscover the lighter you, the brighter you, the happier you, the real you and you realise that this is how you were designed to feel.


We have chosen a small and beautiful quiet hotel off the beaten track, with the most stunning views of the Sinai mountains, the Red Sea, the mountains of Saudi Arabia, with an unspoilt underwater coral reef, a short transfer from Sharm el Sheikh airport. This is the perfect setting to help you rediscover your youthful zest for life and adventure, to re-gain clarity in your direction and to give you the knowledge and skills to maintain this state as your return to your daily life.

Stay a week to rejuvenate and refresh and lose afew pounds. Stay 2-3 weeks for deeper healing, transformation and weight loss.

The Programme


•  Accommodation
•  7, 14 or 21 nights accommodation in the beautiful Swisscare Hotel, Nuweiba near Sharm el Sheikh.
•  Ensuite rooms with balcony or terrace.


Educational Programme


•  Seminar : Inner cleansing by diet.
•  Seminar : Stress and the Mind-Body Connection.

Cleansing programme:


•   100% raw detox cleansing diet of delicious fruits and vegetables and salads

•  Includes 3 days of juice fasting per week
•  Intestinal cleansing herbs

Relaxation Programme:


•  One massage treatment on the beach or in the therapy room
•  Lots of pampering with head shoulders and foot massages as a group through the week

•  Evening meditation and relaxation classes

Stress Release & Personal Development Programme:


•  Week 1 - 5 Daily Workshops


*  Techniques for Change : EFT Emotional Freedom Technique


*  Techniques for Change : EmoTrance


*  3 Workshops for healing and personal development

•  Week 2 – 5 Daily Workshops


*  Relationship with Yourself - Towards Greater Love


*  Your Body – Awaken the Sleeping Beauty Within


*  Food – Overcoming Addictions Cravings and Bad Habits


*  Family – Harmony is Possible


*  Spirituality – Deepening our Connection and Oneness

•  Week 3 – 3 Workshops

      *   Practitioner Training in meridian Energy Therapies EFT

      *   Practitioner Training in EmoTrance



•  One personal consultation on emotional or personal development issues per week

Exercise Programme:


•  Daily Yoga class
•  Time for snorkling and swimming in the pool or the sea


Recreation and Adventure Options:


•  Free time to visit local historical sites such as St Catharine’s Monastery
•  View the corals by glass bottomed boat
•  Trek into the mountains or canyons for sunset meditation

·         Camel ride on the beach

·         Bedouin bread making on the beach with Egyptian Speciality : Foul and Falafel

·         Just relax on the beach and enjoy the sun




•  Highly Experienced Trainers and Therapists from the UK



•  Fly to Sharm el Sheikh or Taba airports and we will arrange transfer to the hotel by minibus
•  Programmes start on Saturday, for the evening meal and orientation to Lunch the following Saturday

Flights  are not included in the programme costs. Transfers are included where travel is on the main arrival and departure days with the main group.
* Workshop choices are subject to total numbers booking the retreat and trainer resources and are therefore subject to change. Additional therapies may be available for larger groups, eg Reflexology, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage.

The Venue

The Hotel
The Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Award-winning Hotel is a small elegant hotel with its own large sandy beach with unspoilt coral reef. Nestled between the Sinai mountains and the Mountains of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea, the views, the sunrises and sunsets are outstandingly beautiful. The staff are renowned for their warm hospitality, care and personal attention to every need with hands on care by owners which makes you feel a very welcome part of the family.



The Cost and Booking Information

All inclusive cost £750 one week, £695 pwk 2 weeks, £650 pwk 3 weeks


Special Group Rate £595 per week for 6+ person-weeks

6 people staying 1 week, 3 people staying 2 weeks, 2 people staying 3 weeks


BOOKING information UK tel: +44 (0)23 92 433928

Or Contact Us

Your Programme Director and Staff

Presenting Sandra Hillawi
Your Programme Director
Sandra is an international practitioner and trainer in the field of physical and emotional health and wellbeing who has
helped and taught thousands of people through her clinic in Portsmouth, UK, through workshops and professional training courses in the UK and internationally.

Her passion is health and personal development through embracing and applying the powerful techniques and concepts of Energy Psychology. Techniques such as EFT and EmoTrance create freedom from and transformation of the energy causing our emotional and physical stress and is a recognised leading voice in the field.

Her background in physics and IT gives her a structured, grounded and clear teaching style which is understandable by all. Practising the techniques and principles personally and professionally over the years for healing, stress release, and personal development, has made Sandra a very open, warm, approachable, accepting personality and with maturity and a wealth of experience to share. She is a very popular and inspiring healer and teacher. Sandra's love of Egypt and its culture and many happy visits to the Red Sea enables us to bring this amazing Cleanse and Renewal opportunity to you in a fabulous five star resort.

The Staff

All therapists and facilitators are leading professionals in their field from the UK. Workshop facilitators and EFT and EmoTrance practitioners have been trained personally by Sandra. They have been chosen for their experience in working with a wide variety of client issues, their deep understanding of energy psychology, their passion and integrity and commitment to their own and others wellbeing and personal development. They will work with you to facilitate emotional healing, stress release, health improvement, personal development and performance enhancement, using the very latest tools available in the rapidly emerging and highly successful field of energy psychology.

Our bodywork therapists have many years experience in their respective fields and are chosen for their passion, their professionalism, their sensitivity and their love and care they give to their clients. They are here to help you relax and feel totally pampered and cared for.