EmoTrance for Romance:
A True Love Story

I would like to begin this latest newsletter with a happy announcement : I am getting married!

It's a romantic story, from the internet to a Red Sea wedding in one year, (sighs of happiness) and interesting story illustrating the concepts of energy flow and energy nutrition for falling in love and building a wonderful relationship.

Let's start at the beginning, last June, when I met an interesting Egyptian man through Skype. I said Hi and we started to chat. So there we were in the UK and Cairo on yahoo with our web cameras getting to know each other. He was an interesting businessman but... I was being cagey, cautious, very cool, after all, there wasn't any real point in making an effort, he was in another country, so the relationship was a non starter, even if he was interested in me and seemed to be very warm and sincere.

I began to be aware of my blocking behaviour and thought 'what am I doing? Here you are teacher of energy flow in health and relationships, and here you are consciously resisting and blocking this energy coming your way. And he seems like a nice guy.' So it began, initially, as an experiment 'Lets see what would happen if you applied EmoTrance technique and principles every step of the way in a brand new relationship.' So I started to soften and flow my resistances. For example, he would compliment me, my initial response was... 'hmmm yeh, sure he means it, I'm not falling for that one' so where did I feel that? That was a pressure in my chest... focus, soften, flow and release then I could accept the compliment and actually feel nice about it, and say thank you, as actually it was really sweet. So it continued, my fears, my beliefs eg. it's never gonna work, he's in Egypt for God's sake !'... that was in my stomach... Soften and flow... more appreciation from him, being able to accept it was feeling good and all I did was say thanks and 'that was really nice of you to say that'. As I got interested in him, up came the 'whooah, I don't want to fall in love... I might get hurt!' Again, where did I feel that? In my chest... soften and flow.

So on we went... I accepted whatever energies he sent, said thanks and offered recognition and appreciation in return. So what happened? For him... here was a woman accepting everything about him and appreciating him in return... so rare... he had absolutely no choice but to fall in love with me!

Then, everything intensified. He started to send me such amazing wonderful feelings and expressions from his heart. It was pouring out. My response?... 'Whoooahhhhhhh!!! slow down, cant handle that!' That was interesting, I was holding it back again. So, I followed the principles... Breathe, soften, flow... accepted the energy... and boy was it beautiful to accept... warmth like flowing honey through my whole body... wowwww. So, naturally, I fell in love in return. And that's how we started! So I booked my flight to Cairo to meet this man at the beautiful Zamelek Palace, Marriott Hotel on the Nile at 1.00am on 16th September we met. It was so romantic, so adventurous, and soooo wonderful. Was there any fear whatsoever? No. Not a single iota. I smile as I imagine your own energy systems churning now as you read this and my response to you the reader is this... Where do you feel that in your body? Breathe into it, let it soften and flow!

Wedding News

After our romantic first meeting in Cairo in September and a wonderful week in Alexandria we each found home in each other and after a year building our relationship, many visits later, we are now getting married this Summer at the Red Sea and I'm about to embark on another amazing exiting adventure as my life turns around. I shall be moving out to live in Egypt with visits to the UK to give workshops, training and my part time clinic. Plus, my soon to be husband Khaled and I are launching our Red Sea Cleanse and Renewal programme for January 2007, at our favourite five star resort in Hurghada. Of course we invite you all to join us there. We would love you to come!!! Details below.

So why do I share this story with you? Maybe it's because I'm so happy and it's a romantic story of true love. It's about me being courageous and following my heart, about not letting fear stop me from experiencing life and what it's presenting to me fully. For fear is just a disturbance in the energy body, which can be released in an instant and allow us to say 'Yes' to life. Then life becomes an adventure.

Secret of Successful Relationships

So to conclude this love story for now let me share the secret of successful relationships.

It's EmoTrance! But, what do I mean by this?

I mean that energy needs to flow and everyone needs to receive energy nutrition.

This translates to everyone needs to have their energy, ie. themselves and their feelings really accepted and everyone needs attention, recognition and real appreciation in return.

That's it. It's as simple as that!

More easily said than done? Ask yourself... are YOU able to really accept and be nourished by all the energies around you? Are there people you know whose behaviours cause you stress or frustration or that you avoid because you just can't handle them at all? What is it like for these people to not be heard, not be appreciated, even to be avoided? How would you feel? How could those relationships be transformed if you were able to handle their energies better in your own energy system? Maybe you'd like to but, last time you let someone in you were betrayed and hurt and you're just not going to go there again, too risky! Easier to be angry and keep them at bay! How much is fear stopping you from being really open with your partner? Has your relationship simply gone stale and needs reviving? It can be revived, but maybe you have some repairs to do in your own energy system before you can move to a more open, trusting, accepting, compassionate and loving relationship.

EmoTrance makes all this easy. EmoTrance lets you get there faster than you ever thought was possible.

With EmoTrance you can heal gently simply and gracefully and become prepared to be open, to be courageous and to engage fully in life. So, do you want your life and relationships to be an exciting adventure? Do you want to feel really appreciated? Is fear still holding you back?

Then come and learn EmoTrance. It will transform you and your life! Hand on my heart, I can say it's one of the best things you will ever do in your life!

So I present you with three opportunities for you to learn, experience and transform to a new you and new relationships and life with EmoTrance. I hope you will join us.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I wish you every happiness.
Remember 'it's only energy!' and we hope to see you soon.
Sandra Hillawi

UK EmoTrance Events 2006

EmoTrance Introductory Workshop
Saturday 10th June - Portsmouth  £99

EmoTrance Practitioner Day
Sunday 11th June - Portsmouth  £199

EmoTrance Trainers' Training
Saturday 1st July - Gosport   £649

Last minute bookings: 023 92 583322

Improve Your Relationships with EmoTrance
Sat 8th / Sun 9th July - Gatwick  £250
Transformational weekend with Silvia Hartmann, creator of EmoTrance.
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Red Sea Egypt
Deep Cleanse & Renewal Programme

1-3 weeks January 2006
Hurghada, Egypt

Week one nearly sold out already!

Cleansing diet, weight loss, stress release, personal transformation, improve relationships, build self confidence, improve health, be pampered, workshops, consultations, EFT, EmoTrance, massage, reflexology, gentle exercise on the beach... by the side of the clear turquoise waters of the red sea, a short flight from Luxor and Cairo with a multitude of wonderful Egyptian cultural experiences to sample while you are there. Bring your spouse and children to join in or just relax and enjoy. Hotel 15 mins from Hurghada Airport.

Only £750 per week per person
(excluding flights and transfers)

Request full programme details.....
Email: sandra@passionforhealth.com
or telephone the office on 023 92 583322

Detox Retreat 2006
Cleanse & Renew

Chateau Bellenau, Normandy, France
8-15th July 2006
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Last minute bookings: 023 92 433928

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