Peter Lowater
EFT has changed my life!

Peter Lowater, 70 year old owner of a wholesale nursery in Warsash, had a lifelong fear of flying and history of anxiety about travel. This restricted him considerably throughout his life, preventing him visiting his brothers who live in Canada for 50 years, also his son who has a business in Taiwan where he now lives. Over the years Peter has tried hypnosis, has seen a number of psychologists who prescribed anti depressant drugs and cognitive behavioural therapy. Even with great determination, none of these treatments worked.

Peter stumbled across a web site while trying to discover if there was any other help he could get and found an EFT practitioner in Isle of Wight who agreed to come across to the mainland to have a session with him. The plan was to apply EFT to anxiety issues such as fear of being enclosed or in a confined space. They did this while on the mainland, then travelled together to the IOW continuing to apply EFT if required as any other anxieties came up. Peter was then able to travel back alone to the mainland, anxiety free! Peter was delighted that such a simple method of this could be so effective.

Since his EFT treatment to free him from this anxiety, Peter has travelled long distances by train, has been on the London Eye twice and has flown to the Channel Islands on holiday, and visited his family in Canada and Taiwan, flying from there to Japan and Hong Kong! All this travel has happened in the last 18 months since his EFT session. Peter still can't believe that something so simple as the EFT technique could radically change his life but is so pleased that he asked me to help spread the word about how EFT can help people to change their lives by sharing his story.

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Why I Love Colonics!

Jacqui Roberts, is a personal trainer and life coach and has been going for colonics periodically for two years now at Passion for Health's Stress & Detox Clinic in Gosport. Interviewed by Sandra Hillawi after her last colonic:

How do you feel right now?
Jacqui: I feel light, free of pain and wind, in fact I feel fantastic!

How did you first find out about colonic irrigation?
Jacqui: I think I saw it on TV on The Salon. It sounded like a good idea so I looked it up on the internet and found Sandra Hillawi at Passion for Health in Gosport. I was suffering from IBS, bloating, pain, diarrhoea and constipation and was very uncomfortable and lacking in energy. It seemed like colonics might help... and it has!

How did your first visit go?
Jacqui: I went for an initial consultation with Sandra in Gosport and we talked about my diet, my stress and health history and then made a plan for me to follow with herbs and changes to my diet as preparation for the colonic treatments. The programme was really great. It started to help me feel better immediately.

How was the colonic treatment itself?
Jacqui: I came back for my first treatment about a week later. It was surprisingly relaxing and comfortable, totally painless, and Sandra made me feel very at ease as she explained everything to me really well. After the first session I admit I didn't feel that much different, but after the second session which was a deeper cleanse I felt amazing. My stomach was flat, and all the congestion was gone. It reduced all my symptoms massively. I was delighted!

So why do you still need colonics?
Jacqui: Well, if only my lifestyle were perfect! I find the effect of my colonics helps me for a few months then I start to get congested again... pressures of today's modern lifestyle I'm afraid! So I pop down for a colonic and feel fantastic again. They really help me with my digestion problems and also make me feel lighter and more energetic. So I go now every 3 months as I want to keep on feeling like this.

For more information about colonic irrigation contact Sandra Hillawi at Passion for Health's Stress and Detox Clinic 023 92 433928

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