Sandra Hillawi
International Trainer in Energy Psychology, Master Herbalist and Colonic Therapist.
Four years of physical
and emotional pain....
released with EFT

Susan, a complementary therapist from Portsmouth, was diagnosed with MCTD Multiple Connective Tissue Disease 3-4 years ago which she was told is a mix between arthritis and lupus symptoms.

When she arrived to see Sandra Hillawi for a detox she was taking several medications for pain, depression and joint mobility. When asked what was going on in her life when the pains started, Susan replied "I was in an unhappy marriage". Sandra explained about the Mind Body Connection and how unresolved emotional issues are held in the body causing us pain and various other symptoms and that this stress was probably the cause of her problems. Sandra explained how EFT could help to release this old stress quite easily. Susan was worried that she might get emotional and tearful talking about her painful memories. Sandra explained that this was not at all necessary if we use the Tearless Trauma Movie Technique, in fact it is possible to release all the painful memories without the therapist knowing anything about what happened. So an EFT appointment was scheduled. Sandra explains how it went:

"I guided Susan to focus on various painful memories by giving them code words or phrases so she didn't have to explain the details. We applied EFT to release the energy disturbances causing the distress in each of these memories. It was interesting that the pains flared up in all the places Susan usually had her aches and pains as we tuned into each of the memories and Susan was quite surprised by this. After all the energy had been released from three of the six major distressing events the remaining three didn't seem to hold as much intensity as they did before. After a little more EFT releasing remaining energy disturbances, Susan was totally pain free and very happy and not one tear was shed in the whole session. She literally skipped out of the consultation, which lasted only 1 hour. Susan with a new understanding of how chronic pain can be released effectively by identifying and releasing emotional issues is planning to attend the EFT training workshops so her own clients can also benefit from this.

Detox Retreat 2006
8-15th July, Normandy

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2006 may be the last Detox retreat Sandra
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Don't miss this chance to cleanse on a physical
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- 7 days raw food and juice detox diet.
- Intestinal cleansing herbs.
- Colonic irrigation.
- Stress release workshops with EFT and EmoTrance.
- One to one emotional healing sessions.
- Daily yoga and meditation from Jo Hogarty
  outstanding teacher of yoga.
- Pampering with massage and reflexology from
  Fiona Couper and Kath Baker.
- Our high staff to guest ratio ensuring your personal
  needs are met during the week.
- Free time to explore the beautiful gardens,
  enjoy the hot tub and sauna, play tennis, take a
  bike ride in the countryside to the beach

This is completely re-energising and revitalising week and
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EFT Events 2006
Train in EFT with Sandra Hillawi, one the UK's
most popular EFT trainers.

EFT L1 - Intro Self Help Day for everyone
(95 or 75 each for 2+ persons, including VAT)
Friday 10th March - N. London
Friday 5th May - Chertsey
Saturday 13th May - Switzerland

EFT L2 - More skills and practitioner training
(295 per person, including VAT)
Saturday 11th / Sunday 12th March - N. London
Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th May - Chertsey
Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th May - Switzerland

Book L1 and L2 days - save 40
Information and bookings, telephone: 023 92 583322

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