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As you will know, Passion for Health has now established itself as the UK's leading training company in energy psychology.

Having trained over 1000 people in EFT and EmoTrance we are now looking to focus on support and development of our existing clients. We want to help you get the best from EFT on a personal level to create more health, freedom and personal happiness in your life and on a professional level, to help you specialise and to develop a really successful practice. This follow up service is FREE.... yet another good reason to train with Passion for Health!!


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EmoTrance EFT Intro Workshops
Leeds - Saturday 9th April
Manchester - Sunday 17th April
Central London - Friday 6th May
High Wycombe - Saturday 7th May
Glasgow - Thursday 19th May
Edinburgh - Saturday 11th June
Portsmouth - Friday 24th June
Norfolk - Friday 1st July
Manchester - Saturday 24th September
Portsmouth - Saturday 22nd October

  Introductory workshops are for everyone on day one, Practitioner training is on the following days.
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An artist's illustration of how the energy released down her legs and out of her body

The Love Clinic
EmoTrance Case Study:
'His one-night stand left me devastated'

Kath and Jim (not their real names) went to see EFT and EmoTrance practitioner Sandra Hillawi of Passion for Health at her practice in Gosport, Hampshire after Jim had an affair which had left their 16 year long marriage in tatters. Kath was devastated to learn about the affair and was unable to communicate her anger and feelings of rejection. Not wanting to divorce, the couple agreed to try therapy in an attempt to resolve their relationship.

On first meeting Sandra, Kath had a knot in her stomach, had been off her food for 2 weeks and was very emotional - bursting into tears when asked to talk about the problems that she and her husband were experiencing. The EmoTrance technique was used to soften the negative energy she felt in her stomach, and by encouraging her to visualise the pain she felt, which she described as 'black tar', Sandra was able to guide the negative energy away from the stomach, and up to the throat. Although this produced temporary nausea, Kath felt the energy continue to rise up and out of her body through her head. The knot had now disappeared.

She was also experiencing a broken-hearted feeling in her chest, and with Sandra's guidance, she was able to encourage the negative energy out of the body through her legs - this left Kath feeling no hate towards her husband or the other woman. She was able to think about what had happened between them without any emotion or discomfort, and felt able to communicate with her husband again. After the therapy she still did not feel the emotional pain that she had been experiencing before, and the trust in the relationship had been restored.

Sandra also discovered that Jim had negative energy blocked in his solar plexus and chest - he was feeling guilty and had a lack of desire to connect with Kath, because he was disconnected with himself. EmoTrance enabled him to become more relaxed and loving towards his wife, once he had visualised his blocked emotions (which he described as a white spinning disc in his stomach) and felt them shooting out of his body.

After the therapy Jim felt completely reconnected with his emotions, and both his and Kath's emotional needs. Most importantly, he did not feel any desire to be unfaithful again as their relationship had been restored.


Sea Sickness.....
gone in minutes with EFT!!

I went on a ferry trip to France this weekend and it was a rough crossing. I normally get sea sick and was feeling really queasy in my stomach. My friend knew how to do EFT so she asked me how sick I felt on a scale of 0 to 10. It was a 7. She did some EFT, tapping specific points on my head, body and hands and in just a few minutes all the sickness was gone and I felt great, and the boat was still rolling around and moving up and down. Then she asked me to think about being totally cured of sea sickness and to say "I'm totally cured forever of sea sickness". I didn't quite believe this bit and I felt it as a pressure at the top of my head. Again, we did EFT and it went. Then she asked me the same question again. I still wasn't quite convinced and I felt this as a strong feeling at the back of my head. We tapped and that went too. Then she asked me again, how much do I believe that I am totally cured forever of sea sickness and to say out loud "I don't ever get sea sick". It was weird, I almost completely believed it now, about 9 1/2 out of 10. But that tiny doubt was a feeling in my throat. After two more rounds of tapping that was gone too. I now actually feel completely confident that I just don't get sea sick any more and all it took was 20 minutes of EFT !!

I had a chance to put this to the test, because the return trip from France was equally rough in February and.... I felt just great, and had no sickness problems at all. I was wandering round the ship, sitting in my chair, having something to eat with no problem at all. My sea sickness is totally gone.

Paula Hornsby, age 18

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Recruitment Opportunities with Passion for Health  

Support and Development Partners
Full or part time position joining our promotion team. You will be supporting our extensive client base identifying areas for their personal and professional development and promoting workshops and tutorials tailored to their needs. You will be passionate about energy psychology and personal development. Would suit MET / EmoTrance practitioner.
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Sales Manager
You are passionate about health and personal development, have a proven track record in sales management and be keen to do a job where you can make a real difference in people's lives. You will be managing Passion for Health's sales team for energy psychology workshops and training courses nationwide. Full time position, attractive remuneration package. Email sandra@passionforhealth.com with your application and CV or to request further information.


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