Sandra Hillawi used
EmoTrance to help me
fall in love all over again!

My partner and I had separated and we
are now reunited and very happy!!

The Love Clinic

The Problem
Amy had left her relationship 6 weeks earlier, after being with John for 6 months. It was over. John had been under a lot of stress at work and this had put a real strain on their relationship. After a very difficult period, with a lot of hurt and lack of consideration, Amy decided to leave as she could no longer cope with John's attitude and all sexual attraction and desire on Amy's part had completely vanished.

The Therapy
Amy came to Sandra Hillawi for help with their relationship. Sandra used EmoTrance, a technique which is based on the fact that all our emotions arise from energy disturbances in the body that get there when we don't handle what people say and do and what happens to us very well. We feel a knot in the stomach or a tightness in the chest or head. This energy can be softened with the EmoTrance technique and when the energy flow is restored, the problems simply disappear. It's often quick and easy and is very successful in resolving love and relationship problems. Sandra and Amy had just one session which lasted only 40 minutes. Extracts from the treatment session are shown below to show how easy it can be to heal the pain and restore love and intimacy.

The Results
Amy has now fallen in love all over again with John. They have reunited are deeply in love and their physical relationship is also happily restored. Weeks later, Amy reports that her relationship is flourishing and is delighted and finds it incredible that she could have let this relationship go unneccessarily.

Sandra Hillawi
Practitioner and Trainer in EmoTrance and EFT

Extracts from the Session

Sandra: So when you think about John's behaviour to you, where do you feel this in your body?
Amy: In my stomach, like a heavy round pressure.
Sandra guides Amy with EmoTrance technique to soften this energy.
Amy: It's spreading out and seems to be flowing downwards to my hips and legs.
Sandra: Where does it want to go next, this energy?
Amy: I feel a warmth travelling down my legs and my feet now feel heavy.
The energy finally leaves from the toes.
Sandra: So now, when you think about John's behaviour to you, how does it feel?
Amy: It's not so bad, but I still feel a small pressure in the stomach.
Sandra guides Amy as before and the energy travels down the legs and leaves the body again.
Amy: It's ok now, it's like, he can be stressed and I can see that he's not getting at me personally, he's just frustrated with his own issues. It doesn't effect me any more, it just makes me feel I want to support him. I can handle it.
Sandra: So what else bothers you about John?
We go through all the things that caused Amy to split up from John and apply the same process to locate the energy in the body, soften the energy and watch it flow and release from the body, until there was nothing else about John that Amy could find fault with. Then we turned to the physical relationship.
Sandra: So how much do you fancy John at the moment? 0 to 10?
Amy: 0 at the moment.
Sandra: So when you think of being intimate with him, where do you feel this in your body?
Amy: In my chest, it's like a barrier.
We soften the energy again so that it flows and releases from the body, this time upwards and out through the mouth with the breath.
Sandra: So how much do you fancy him now?
Amy: 3 out of 10.
Sandra: So there's still a big part of you that doesn't fancy him. Where do you feel this resistance?
Amy: Low down.
Sandra: So lets soften this energy too. Tell me when its all released...
Now how much do you fancy him?
Amy: 9 out of 10, (looking surprised and very pleased)
Sandra: So there's a tiny bit of you somewhere that doesn't fancy
him completely, where is that?
Amy: It feels like its in my head actually, kind of near the side of my forehead.
We soften and release this energy and as you can imagine,
we get to 10 out of 10 on desire and a very happy Amy (not to mention a happy John) as the couple were subsequently reunited.

What you will gain from an EmoTrance Workshop? 

Day 1
- To discover and understand how your own energy system works.
- To learn the basic EmoTrance self help technique for transforming emotional energy.
- To learn how to handle difficult energies such as negative comments and criticisms.
- To learn to locate emotional energy in your body from past experiences and to release them with the help of a partner.
- To learn to receive compliments, praise, appreciation, and love and feel truly energised, nourished and strengthened by it.
- To learn how to use the power of conscious intention for your own healing and personal development.

Day 2
- To learn to use your intention to assist a partner to heal themselves, tapping into our own innate healing potential.
- Learning how to help a friend by telephone.
- Learning how to handle energy disturbances outside the body.
- Learning how to identify shields and barriers we make to protect ourselves from energies that are too difficult or painful right now and how to approach healing and restoring love and connection in these areas.
- What to do when it doesn't go smoothly or the energy is difficult to soften.
- How EmoTrance can help make affirmations work incredibly fast.
- How to test your work thoroughly so you get amazing and lasting success.
- Practitioner Certification for existing therapists so you can add EmoTrance into your skills set.
Who should
attend an EmoTrance Workshop?

Anyone who wants to :

- Dissolve emotional pain and stress.
- Handle difficult people better.
- Transform their relationships to love and intimacy.
- Let go of the past and painful memories.
- Have more love in their life.
- Have more self confidence.
- Be able to help a friend in need... in a cafe, party, office, airport lounge, or by telephone.
- To become a practitioner and help their clients.

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Advanced Training
Practitioner training in EFT and EmoTrance techniques is available nationwide for therapists, practitioners, nurses, coaches and consultants wishing to expand and enhance their practices. Introducing these techniques in your practices will delight your clients by producing amazing results for them in a fraction of the time - very kind to their purse - and will allow you as professionals to treat a wider range of clients issues, often perceived to be of higher value too. Clients really appreciate being able to take home a simple technique that they can use to dissolve their child’s distress when he comes home from a bad day at school, or to dissolve their own hurt at their partner’s lack of consideration caused by their tiredness, or to dissolve aches and pains and frustrations that arise day to day. We and our clients no longer have to suffer with emotional stress when we have EFT and EmoTrance techniques and a Community of support for our health and personal development.

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