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Passion for Health has established itself as the leading training company in the UK in techniques that dissolve emotional stress..... in minutes..... and are fast approaching a milestone of 1000 attendees on workshops and courses in the last 12 months alone.

Sandra Hillawi and her training team with Steve Bishop, Baya Salmon Hawk and Shahzadi Thomas, invite you to their Introductory EFT Workshops in your area. Here you will dissolve away aches, pains, stress and negative emotions. You will learn how to help a family member or your partner do the same as well as have a tool for life for dissolving your own emotional stress. See our events diary on this page or fuller programme on our website

Sandra Hillawi

Introductory Workshops
Introductory workshops are open to professionals and non-professionals alike and are the first step learning the techniques for self help. Professionals may go on to practitioner training and everyone who has attended a basic Introductory workshop is eligible to join the new and exciting EFT Buddy Network which offers support for health improvement, stress reduction and for personal development..... for life!!!

Friday 21st January 2005 - Southampton
Friday 18th February 2005 - Chertsey
Friday 18th March - Sunderland
Sunday 17th April - Manchester
Friday 6th May - London

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"To be able to release a 9 year old lad of his inability to swallow food where heíd been fed by a tube all his life, was just such a major buzz for me.
Itís lifted my confidence in EFT to new heights"

says Max Gordon, Entertainer and EFT Practitioner in Scotland

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Star EFT Success Story
This amazing and heart warming story follows....

Matthew is 9 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. Initially his mother fought to feed Matthew solid food which he always rejected. Fearing that her son (not her first child) would not gain weight as expected, she tended to force feed him to make sure he got at least some nourishment. For the next three years Matthew was fed by nasal tube and laterally through a feeding tube installed directly into his stomach. His mum told me that he enjoys the social side of eating but is sick with almost any solid food he is given. He would take a very small amount of chocolate and allow that to melt before swallowing.

His paediatrician has assured her that there is nothing actually wrong with his gullet, throat, oesophagus, etc., and that there is no physical reason why Matthew can't take solid food.

I visited Matthew the morning he and his friends were due to go and see the latest Harry Potter film, so knowing this I decided to use the "magic" analogy to help me.

As I have over 20 years experience as a children's entertainer, this bit was easy. A few tricks for Matthew and his siblings got me through any confidence barrier there may have been. Once the others had gone out, I explained to Matthew that I had a special map showing all of the magic touching points that when used together help with any problem. He seems keen try this so I explained that I would like to know how much he wanted to be able eat the same as everyone else. I used Ann Adam's technique of using hands spread wide or close together to give me a level, Matthew's hands flew apart as far as they could, showing he wanted to eat normally very much. I explained the tapping points and asked him to repeat after me.....

Even though eating makes me sick, I really am a great kid

I had asked his mum to prepare some fruit for us and Matthew agreed to try a little banana..... big mistake..... As soon as it was in his mouth Matthew immediately threw up, expelling the liquid feed he had ingested earlier. Believe me at this point it looked like EFT was not the answer. However it was clear that Matthew was not sick because his stomach rejected the food, it had never even passed his teeth so this was not the problem. I decided to tap for.....

Even though putting food in my mouth makes me sick I really am a good kid

Matthew then agreed to try some apple - he had never eaten apple in his life! As he placed it in his mouth he began to salivate and screw up his face as though fighting the urge to be sick. I started tapping on his KC point and he calmed down, the reaction subsided and he continued chewing. I asked him to spit the apple out and he laughed saying he had swallowed it! I realised that Matthew's reaction seemed an automatic response to being fed, so we tapped for when putting food in my mouth I choose not to be sick and again with I choose to eat like other kids. I turned this around and said you choose to eat other kids?

He laughed and we continued the round. He ate two more pieces of fruit (I stayed away form banana just in case!) and then asked if he would like to try anything else. "Popcorn" he announced. His mum looked amazed but went and made some anyway. When it was ready I simply placed the bowl in front of him and left it there. He reached over and picked up a piece and put it in his mouth. No reaction, none! I kept Matthew talking as he picked at the popcorn, some cheese, some skip snacks and more apple. I showed Matthew and his mum the KC point and what to do and say if he felt at all queasy when trying to eat.

His mum and I chatted outside and she revealed that Matthew had never tried any hard food like popcorn so this was a quantum leap in his ability to deal with solid food. She was confident that with this result Matthew would be able to break the cycle of food/sick to I choose not to be sick! Over a coffee Matthew's older brother said he afraid of spiders, so we dealt with this phobia before I left!

I will admit that I went to Matthew's home a little bit scared and a little excited. To be able to release a 9 year old lad of a condition he has had all is life was just such a major buzz for me. It has lifted my enthusiasm and confidence in EFT to new heights. His mum has promised to let me know how Matthew improves, and I in turn will keep you up to date!

Max Gordon, Fife, Scotland

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Advanced Training
Practitioner training in EFT and EmoTrance techniques is available nationwide for therapists, practitioners, nurses, coaches and consultants wishing to expand and enhance their practices. Introducing these techniques in your practices will delight your clients by producing amazing results for them in a fraction of the time - very kind to their purse - and will allow you as professionals to treat a wider range of clients issues, often perceived to be of higher value too. Clients really appreciate being able to take home a simple technique that they can use to dissolve their childís distress when he comes home from a bad day at school, or to dissolve their own hurt at their partnerís lack of consideration caused by their tiredness, or to dissolve aches and pains and frustrations that arise day to day. We and our clients no longer have to suffer with emotional stress when we have EFT and EmoTrance techniques and a Community of support for our health and personal development.

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