South Coast Idol finalist
used EmoTrance to conquer audition nerves

Jannine Swift, Passion for Health's own Admin Manager, also part time cabaret artist, entered
South Coast Idol in July. Jannine tells her story...

"After 4 hours of queuing to audition among 300 hopefuls I got through the first round to the top 35 who were called back for a second audition. We all had to sit in a room together and we were all nervous. My audition was second to last which made it even worse because I was seeing everyone else coming out saying how bad it was. About 15 minutes before my audition my nerves started to turn into panic and I was almost shaking. This was my one chance to show what I could do and I didn't want to mess it up. So I phoned my boss, Sandra Hillawi , for some EmoTrance on the phone! All concerns about what anyone else would be thinking as we did this by phone went out the window, as this was so important for me.

"Sandra asked me 'where do you feel all the panic in your body?' It was really really hot in my chest. She told me to focus on the energy in my chest and think of it softening. It wouldn't soften! I was feeling even more panicky now. Then she asked me to tap on the karate chop point on the side of my hand saying 'even though I'm feeling all this panic and it's not softening I love and accept myself.' Suddenly it all started to flow upwards into my throat. The heat shifted into my throat, through my cheek and.... out through my ear.... how weird is that?! My friend Dawn said she could see my skin going red moving up my chest to my throat and into my cheeks. When all the energy had left I felt brilliant and my confidence was a 9/10. I was ready to go, but that wasn't good enough for Sandra. We did some more EmoTrance until I was totally confident. I went in and I sang One Day in Your Life by Anastacia and I admit I was fantastic and I loved it. One of the judges even clapped. The voice coach and second judge said I really stood out because I was the only one who didn't have any nerves and was able to be herself. My boss, Sandra, got a box of chocs and a bunch of flowers as I'm now off to a recording studio to make the singing clip that the general public gets to vote on at South Coast Idol's website, which makes up part of the score in the grand final!"

Sandra Hillawi
Practitioner and Trainer in EmoTrance and EFT

Listen to Jannine and vote to help her win at the Finals...

Go to and listen to her track then follow the instructions to vote for her. If you want to listen to the other finalists follow the South Coast Idol link on her website!! Do give her your support, she's great!

Learn EmoTrance for yourself
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Day 1
- To discover and understand how your own energy system works.
- To learn the basic EmoTrance self help technique for transforming emotional energy.
- To learn how to handle difficult energies such as negative comments and criticisms.
- To learn to locate emotional energy in your body from past experiences and to release them with the help of a partner.
- To learn to receive compliments, praise, appreciation, and love and feel truly energised, nourished and strengthened by it.
- To learn how to use the power of conscious intention for your own healing and personal development.

Day 2
- To learn to use your intention to assist a partner to heal themselves, tapping into our own innate healing potential.
- Learning how to help a friend by telephone.
- Learning how to handle energy disturbances outside the body.
- Learning how to identify shields and barriers we make to protect ourselves from energies that are too difficult or painful right now and how to approach healing and restoring love and connection in these areas.
- What to do when it doesn't go smoothly or the energy is difficult to soften.
- How EmoTrance can help make affirmations work incredibly fast.
- How to test your work thoroughly so you get amazing and lasting success.
- Practitioner Certification for existing therapists so you can add EmoTrance into your skills set.
Who should
attend an EmoTrance Workshop?

Anyone who wants to :

- Dissolve emotional pain and stress.
- Handle difficult people better.
- Transform their relationships to love and intimacy.
- Let go of the past and painful memories.
- Have more love in their life.
- Have more self confidence.
- Be able to help a friend in need... in a cafe, party, office, airport lounge, or by telephone.
- To become a practitioner and help their clients.

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Diary Dates
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EmoTrance Workshops 2005
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23rd-24th November - Edinburgh

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From Attendees of recent EmoTrance workshops

This has been a wonderful experience and opens up so many possibilities for both helping clients and myself. I will be able to offer help for the many emotional problems of my clients and will also be able to clear some lifetime personal emotional issues. I made a good start to release the energy blocks around my asthma too. It was excellent.
A. Stanton, Yorkshire

I used EmoTrance to keep my energies flowing in a recent new relationship, releasing all my fears, scepticisms, doubts, limiting beliefs and being able to accept all that was being offered to me. I can't tell you how amazing the results are, falling in love - fast track! and having your guy fall for you fast track too! Wow! Using these techniques in real life is amazing!
B. Hall, Hants

I feel so much more confident now and full of a sense of joy and freedom. I was able to release some long held energy during the workshop. Sandra absolutely epitomises the energy work she teaches and is very inspirational.
D. Howarth, Edinburgh

The workshop amazed me that I could feel physically my emotional blocks in my body. I became aware in the course of a lot of things that were holding me back and now have a tool to help me unblock these stagnant energies. Sandra was excellent, motivated and enthusiastic.
B. Davies, Doncaster

EmoTrance course was a very enjoyable and informative experience. I will continue to work on myself and use this amazing tool with my clients. I really enjoyed being part of this energetic and pleasant group. Sandra was very professional and is very skillfull in guiding and ironing out any difficulties as they are experienced.
M. Steen, Leeds

Advanced Training
Practitioner training in EFT and EmoTrance techniques is available nationwide for therapists, practitioners, nurses, coaches and consultants wishing to expand and enhance their practices. Introducing these techniques in your practices will delight your clients by producing amazing results for them in a fraction of the time - very kind to their purse - and will allow you as professionals to treat a wider range of clients issues, often perceived to be of higher value too. Clients really appreciate being able to take home a simple technique that they can use to dissolve their child’s distress when he comes home from a bad day at school, or to dissolve their own hurt at their partner’s lack of consideration caused by their tiredness, or to dissolve aches and pains and frustrations that arise day to day. We and our clients no longer have to suffer with emotional stress when we have EFT and EmoTrance techniques and a Community of support for our health and personal development.

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