Passion For Health Roadshow
The Passion for Health roadshow continues, bringing the
message and techniques about real lasting stress release this month to London's Vitality Show.
Sandra Hillawi and her team of volunteers did FREE taster sessions of
EFT and EmoTrance and over the course of 4 days spoke to 488 people
who visited their stand. This means the next London EFT workshop and
Practitioner training will be fully booked shortly so if you are thinking of
attending in London, to avoid disappointment book as soon as
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EFT Introduction & Training
6th & 7/8th May - London   SOLD OUT
6th & 7/8th May - Somerset
19th May - Glasgow
20th & 21/22nd May - Edinburgh   SOLD OUT
17th & 18/19th June - London
24th & 25/26th June - Portsmouth

EmoTrance Workshops
26th April - Gosport
7/8th May - High Wycombe
28/29th May - Leeds
11/12th June - Edinburgh   4 places left

  Introductory workshops are for everyone on day one, Practitioner training is on the following days.
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Sandra guides Sue to use her intention to soften the energy in her stomach. The energy spreads and starts to flow downwards to her legs and out her feet.

EmoTrance your way back
to intimacy

Sue and James (names changed for confidentiality)
had grown apart and were actually living apart when Sue came to see Sandra Hillawi for EmoTrance.

The relationship had grown stale over a two year period and though James still wanted to be with Sue, Sue was unsure about what she wanted and had a major block when it came to physical intimacy. After the session, the couple got back together and happily restored their physical relationship. Here's how Sue's EmoTrance session went :

Sandra: What do you want in relation to your husband?
Sue: I don't know
Sandra: And where do you feel that in your body when you think 'I don't know'?
Sue: In my stomach

Sandra guides Sue to use her intention to soften the energy in her stomach. The energy spreads and starts to flow downwards to her legs and out her feet.

Sandra: Ok now, what do you want?
Sue: I want to be free.
Sandra: And where do you feel it in your body when you say I want to be free?
Sue: It's fear, in my chest.

We soften and release the energy in the same way, it flows up and out of her mouth. The dialogue continues in this way releasing the energy related to various thoughts about her husband, until we touch on the intimacy issues.

Sandra: So, how attracted are you to your husband?
Sue: Well I don't really fancy him any more, say a 6 out of 10.
Sandra: So when you think about the bit you don't fancy, where do you feel it in your body?
Sue: In my heart.

We soften and release it.

Sue: Well, actually, I do love him. I can see me looking forward to him coming home from work but then when he gets home and is actually there I feel blocked about it. It's out there (points in front of her) a block between us.

Sandra guides Sue to soften this energy.

Sue: It's melted and is on the floor. Oh, it's coming in through my feet and up my body, and out through my mouth.
Sandra: Ok let it flow up and out and tell me when it's all cleared through.
Sue: It's clear.
Sandra: Ok now, your husband comes home from work, you're looking forward to seeing him. You know he'll want to make love to you, how do you feel?
Sue: Smiles.... God, this is amazing!!
Sandra: When was the last time you felt this way towards your husband?
Sue: A couple of years ago!!

The couple have restored their intimate relationship and are now making plans to move back together again.

To learn more
about these amazing life changing techniques,
we invite you to attend one of our introductory workshops or practitioner training courses.

Energy Psychology brings us techniques for true and rapid healing and personal transformation. As we become free of our limiting emotions and beliefs, we become closer to who we truly are and to expressing ourselves more fully in life, in whatever way that is supposed to be.


Now I feel brilliant... I can run around with the kids, cycle, flex my legs, dance and walk around the shops, go up and down the stairs with no pain at all. EFT is wonderful !!!

EFT Success Story
Janet was delighted when EFT relieved
27 years of knee pain !!

I have had this pain in my left knee since I was 17. When I was 16 I fell over at school and a stone embedded itself into my knee and a few weeks later the stone worked its way out and then my knee started hurting. We went to the doctor but he couldn't find anything wrong so he sent me to the hospital and they decided to operate. So at 17 I had an operation on my knee but it didn't help. So since the age of 17 I've been in pain but had learned to live with it. Pain killers sometimes helped but it was always there. A recent doctors visit and x-ray now pronounced the problem as arthritis and I was told to live with it, there's nothing we can do.

I met Sandra, who practices EFT, and she tried EFT on my knee pain. The first time we did it, she tapped on specific points on my face and hands while I was focussed on the pain in my knee for 15 minutes and the pain went. This lasted for 4-5 days then the pain started to come back, but not as bad as before. The next week I saw Sandra again, and we did some more EFT, again about 15 minutes and once again, I left free of pain but this time it has lasted for three weeks.

I am so pleased as this has made a huge difference in my life, being free of pain after 27 years.

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