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How Can I Learn These Techniques?


By attending Introductory Workshops in your area

The Introductory EFT workshop and EmoTrance workshops are suitable for absolutely anyone.

Once you have attended an Introductory EFT workshop you can then choose to join the EFT Buddy network and go on to attend further self development workshops, eg. Conquer Your Fear of Public speaking, Mind over Weight, Clearing your Food Allergies, Anger Management, Wealth Creation, Healing relationships and many many more. For an extensive list visit the EFT Buddy Network area.

If you are looking to expand and enhance your professional practice, using these tools, then after an Introductory Workshop you can choose to attend professional training.

All professional training courses are suitable for all therapists, complementary and conventional health practitioners, counsellors, social workers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, personal development coaches, workshop facilitators. Plus any non-therapists interested in self help tools for personal interest without certification.

Passion for Health and it’s Trainers offers Advanced Practitioner Training and Trainer’s Training together with ongoing Practitioner Development and Supervision Days on a quarterly basis for graduates.

Introduction to EFT Workshop

On this one day workshop you will learn and understand how this simple technique actually works to produce the amazing results for dissolving emotional stress and everyday physical symptoms. You will learn how to apply the technique working on yourself and also working with a partner. You will understand and learn how to apply EFT to release physical symptoms such as pain, headaches, sore throats, congestion, muscle tension, food intolerance, indigestion, itching and numbness. You will learn and understand how to apply EFT for releasing emotions such as anger, anxiety, frustration, guilt, fear, sadness, loneliness, rejection and gain understanding and clarity as a result.

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At the end of the day you will be confident in using EFT for self help and to work with friends and family for releasing emotional stress and day to day physical symptoms. You will also learn when to refer to a qualified practitioner for deeper more complex and chronic problems, that need more experienced facilitation. At the end of the workshop you can complete the form to join the EFT Buddy network then come back online and load up your photo and details in the EFT Buddy Network Section. You will then receive your voucher pack and membership certificate and will be able to make savings on future workshops for members, and to be able to contact other EFT Buddy members for ongoing support and personal development.

See Events Diary.

Introduction to EmoTrance

An extraordinary experience of how good you can feel, how much more powerful you can be and how much more there is waiting - just for you. You will learn and experience EmoTrance applying it to very relevant emotional patterns and experience positive change and transformation in yourself while you are learning. In the morning we practice handling insults and criticisms, words that normally hurt us and learn by experience that not only can we handle them but they can become an energising experience. In the afternoon we practice handling compliments, praise, recognition types of energy, which people find equally difficult to accept, but if accepted, are so nourishing, strengthening and energising. At the end of the day you will be fluent in the technique and aware of and able to handle all kinds of energies from people and your environment that you previously couldn’t handle and will leave the day feeling totally energised and fantastic.

Suitable for anyone interested in self-help tools for emotional healing, personal development and transformation.

See Events Diary.

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