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Examples of Energy Psychology applications
Stress in Senior Management
Senior manager transformed by the application of energy psychology techniques in 90 minutes from stressed, vulnerable, tired, on the brink of a breakdown, building up over 2 years. The stress had lead to psoriasis, IBS and his diabetes had got worse and a knock on effect with stress being taken back home. The manager was feeling threatened and unsupported in his job. After 90 minutes working with these techniques all the stress was gone together with all feelings of isolation, and confidence and energy was restored. Not only had he been restored back to being in control and at peak performance but his psoriasis eventually cleared up and his wife was a lot happier with him coming home less grumpy.

Resistance to Change
Key team member subject to departmental change finds herself with a new role. Having change imposed created a lot of resentment together with resistance to the job due to a lack of interest and aptitude for the new role. Add domestic stress and a long commute to a new job she didn't like and productivity was now a big problem with difficult relationships with new team members.

After a 90 minute session with the energy psychology techniques her attitude had totally changed. The resistance to the new job was replaced with interest and excitement about learning a new area. Relationships with new team members now flowed easily. Resentment levels had reduced significantly and the employee was now happier and productivity was restored.
Examples of Energy Psychology applications
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