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The NEW EmoTrance Trainer's Day

The Unique Space Time Opportunity
The EmoTrance Trainer's Day is a very special opportunity of using one of the World's most powerful energy modalities for personal and professional enhancement, supported by the power of a mastermind group of likeminded and experienced professionals and under the stewardship of an experienced EmoTrance trainers trainer.

This time of opportunity is extremely precious, and it is not to be wasted on minor clerical considerations, administrative minutiae or by re-reading the extensive, detailed contents of the EmoTrance Trainer's manual, all of which can be done at leisure and in great detail at another time, and in another place.

Threshold Shifts In Professional Development
The purpose of the EmoTrance trainer's day is not just to help the new EmoTrance trainer build up all the resources they need to stand up in front of adults, professionals and the media in their own country and cohesively explain why EmoTrance is a gift, and why they offer their services to share this with others; it is also about how EmoTrance energy work itself can help them make their personal passions, dreams and goals come true.

EmoTrance is an extremely powerful change and motivational modality; it brings energy, pro-activity, joy and passion to all endeavours. The opportunity of the trainers training mastermind group is a very special chance to really USE the power of EmoTrance to bring about the practical and actual improvements and changes necessary for a person to be extraordinary, and move to the next level of success in their professional and personal life.

A Fantastic Opportunity For Multi-Level Growth
The EmoTrance Trainers Day has therefore been designed to firstly, serve the new trainers in this way; but secondly and just as importantly, the exercises from the trainer's day represent a form of highly personal intitiation process. Only those who really feel, understand and have experienced the power of EmoTrance on a personal level will be able to transmit the true nature of this wonderful modality to groups of others, to excite them and to be able to DEMONSTRATE this in their own states of being - or in other words, to walk the talk of "Living Energy".

This is an exciting opportunity for all participants, and this event has been carefully designed to be multi-level and forward moving, which means that it starts from where a person is at, and helps them move forward FROM THERE to the next level of achievement in their chosen spheres of work, and of life. For example, someone who is a practitioner can use the exercises of the day to make the move to becoming a trainer of groups; and an experienced trainer of groups may use the exercises to make the move to becoming a recognised expert, author and media personality.

Energy Work At The Highest Level
By definition, ALL participants of the EmoTrance Trainers day will be experienced EmoTrance energy workers. That means that the exercises and experiences start right at the top when the day begins. It also means that there is a tremendous amount of experience and POWER in the fellow participants to draw on. We encourage existing trainers to avail themselves of this opportunity to work with other experienced persons as well as add their expertise and energy to this event - and quite literally, let the exercises and experiences from the EmoTrance trainer's day help make YOUR dreams come true.

Business in a Box
New EmoTrance Trainers will receive their complete business support and training system on a CDROM. They will have the license to run ET Self Help Workshops, ET Application Workshops, ET Practitioner Training and ET Advanced Practitioner Training. The CDROM contains comprehensive Trainers Manual including all administrative procedures, qualification standards and FULL teaching notes for all ET courses. The CDROM also contains all student handouts, logos, audio training, marketing & promotional materials, certificate templates for you to use and customise with further support online in trainers private resource directory on

Enhance your career and income, and recover your investment on your first training event with only 3 clients. Extend your influence for healing and transformation in the world far beyond your private practice. Make a bigger difference in the world today.

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