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Where Do Emotions Come From?


What are emotions? Where do they come from? Why do some people have different emotional responses to the same life experience?

When someone tells you “You are beautiful” how do you handle that? Are you energised and strengthened by it, or do you actually feel pain in the chest or throat? Or do you reply with “no I’m not, you’re just saying that” and actually reject the energy sent to you. When hearing the news “You’re redundant from your job” do you feel hurt and angry, like you’ve been kicked in the stomach? Or do you handle it gracefully, let it go, move on with wisdom and insight about what that particular life experience was all about? What is going on here?

Lets first understand that health, on all levels, is about flow and disease, symptoms, or stress is about blockage. On a physical level, we take in food, process it, extract something from it and we eliminate the waste. So there’s a flow in, through and out. Well, the body’s subtle energy system behaves in the same way. We take in energy from our surroundings, what people say and do, what we see, hear or sense, in other words life experience. We handle it, process it and let go. Our energy system is absolutely designed to process and handle anything naturally occurring energies that life throws at us and it is designed to extract nourishment from those energies of life.

The problems occur when this energy comes into our system and we don’t handle it well. A particular kind of energy, a look, comment, incident comes in and gets stuck and we feel it in the chest. Or sometimes just the amount we have to handle at any time …what we take in from work, relationships, kids … it builds up in our system until we feel a an emotion….. stress, anger, anxiety, frustration, hurt, often accompanying it, a physical sensation or pressure in the body. Eg. Tightness in the abdomen, chest, shoulders or head.

All these emotional responses and physical sensations actually arise from the energy disturbance in our subtle energy body, ie. An obstruction to the free flow of energy that gets attached to the memory or thought relating to that incident. Now, even 2 years later, you think about that comment made by a certain person, and you still feel a pressure in the solar plexus and an emotional response, its just the energy disturbance that’s causing it.

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