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Becoming A Trainer With The AMT


Explode your career by becoming an AMT Trainer

The role of AMT Trainer is a prestigious and privileged position. Not only are you responsible for training and licensing new and Advanced MET practitioners and running AMT Certified Introductory Workshops, maintaining a highly professional standard of teaching and practice in the field but equally importantly you are a public ambassador for this growing field of Energy Psychology. You are also among a small privileged team who are able to train practitioners in this rapidly growing and sought-after field.


AMT Trainer requirements
1. A depth and breadth of professional qualifications
2. Sufficient practical experience
3. Facilitation skills and experience
4. Personal qualities and attributes

Minimum Qualifications
Intro to EFT workshop, MET Practitioner Training, Advanced MET Training,
EmoTrance Practitioner Training
plus one from TAT and BSFF

Practical Experience
6 months between MET and Advanced MET
Minimum 6 months between Advanced MET and Trainer
Minimum 2 years practical and clinical experience.

Facilitation skills
To show through your CV, previous experience and skills in course/workshop facilitation

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Personal Attributes:
Passionate about Energy Psychology
Dedication to the field
Personal commitment to personal development through Energy Psychology
Can relate personal examples of growth and learning through application of the tools
Is considered by their referee to conduct themselves in a manner that is congruent with an MET Trainer, ie walking the talk.

Application process.
Once essential qualifications and experience have been acquired, a person may apply to the AMT, through one of the co-directors, to become a trainer, enclosing their CV, references, and a letter stating why they would be a good Ambassador for the field, with their payment. Payment will be processed upon satisfactory references and acceptance onto the training course.

AMT Co Directors : Silvia Hartmann, Ananga Sivyer, Sandra Hillawi, Steve Collins, Peter Delves

Appointed AMT Trainer’s Trainers are Sandra Hillawi, Peter Delves, Sally Canning.

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