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Hampshire Life magazine
Sandra Hillawi, AMT Trainer and MD of Passion for Health is the featured Hampshire Character in November 04 issue of Hampshire Life magazine. The feature is a professional profile but comments on Energy Psychology and its applications.

As featured on Passion DAB Digital Radio Sandra Hillawi on Radio station Passion for the Planet
Sandra recorded two interviews for Passion radio this month on EFT and one on EmoTrance. The interviews will be broadcast across the south of England several times over November and December and will be followed by future interviews looking at the applications of Energy Psychology tools in the new year.
Advanced MET Potters Bar September 2004 Advanced MET Potters Bar September 2004
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Southampton EFT course in July 2004 Southampton EFT course in July 2004
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EmoTrance Bristol in July 2004 EmoTrance Bristol in July 2004
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EmoTrance Boston, USA December 2003

EmoTrance Boston, USA December 2003
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Meridian Lines

The Metropolitan Police and Ambulance Services EFT & EmoTrance Evaluation for Stress in the Workplace.

Passion for Health is currently conducting an evaluation project for the Police and Ambulance services to show evidence for the usefulness of these tools for Stress Reduction, Trauma Management and Peak Performance.

Suitable participants have been identified and are having 1 to 3 sessions with Sandra Hillawi and a study will be written up and presented at the end of 2004.

It is hoped that this will generate the demand for a pilot project of a full training and support service after a successful evaluation project.

Peak Performance in the Tele-Communications Industry

Passion for Health have submitted a proposal to a major communications company to offer EFT & EmoTrance workshops and coaching for peak performance training.

The project is due to start in 2005.

120 Reflexologists learn EFT at The Commonwealth
On Sunday 9th November at The Commonwealth Institute, London, 120 Reflexologists gathered for an introductory workshop on EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.
On Sunday 9th November at The Commonwealth Institute, London, 120 Reflexologists gathered for an introductory workshop on EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.

The event was a seminar arranged by the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) for its members. Council member Effie Rahs had previously attended an EFT workshop with Sandra Hillawi, Practitioner and Trainer in EFT and invited her to facilitate as guest speaker for this event. This London event followed an earlier successful AOR event in Manchester attended by 47 Reflexologists, of which 17 were so impressed they decided to book on the Practitioner Training on the day !

The workshop covered the history of Energy Psychology with Roger Callahan, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, accidentally discovering that all emotions arise from disturbances in the body’s subtle energy system, when he asked a serious water phobic client to tap under her eye, the end of the stomach meridian during her anxiety in her stomach. When the anxiety and the phobia disappeared in moments he knew he was on to something revolutionary. Callahan researched this new field and designed Thought Field Therapy, tapping combinations of meridian points to release various emotions. EFT was born later as a simplification of TFT and rapidly became a self-help tool for releasing negative emotions easily, with lasting results!

There were lots of exercises during the day, applying the meridian tapping techniques to physical symptoms and then later to releasing emotional issues.

Here’s some of the results and feedback from London:

“Wow. A tremendous tool for healing and development. Working through my emotions on the day was amazing and empowering. A very high standard of teaching, Sandra was great” .
A.Brossier, Herts

“Wonderful speaker. After today I’ll be able to clear up some stuck emotions and my sinuses are already clearing” .
H.Fiel, London

“A fantastic technique and powerful tool for everyday life. Simple, non threatening, empowerment for all” J.Drummond, London
“I feel this will really help my clients after the Practitioner course. After the workshop I feel I can leave negativity behind”
L.Hadingham, Surrey

“A very useful technique. I’m presently going through relationship difficulties and this tool will help immensely”.
V.Emery, London

“Results were very fast, impressive and I am planning to do the training course. After the day I feel more relaxed about my personal issues.”
A.Moon, St Albans

“It was an amazing experience. I released a deep issue I had for 3 years in the exercises and am very excited about trying the technique on my friends and family.”
A.McDermalt, Hants

“Enthusiastic, speaker. I gained assistance in dealing with my own emotions now I am on my own following bereavement”.
E.Parkin, London

“A valuable tool to add to my practice. The day confirmed my understanding of the link between emotions and physical health problems” P.Gilbert, Yorks

“Very easy to learn. This will change the way I handle my emotions.” I.Collins, Sutton

And there was lots more feedback like that!!

Thirty from the London group booked on the next London MET/EFT Practitioner Training indicating how useful a technique EFT is to incorporate into the practice.

Sandra Hillawi is the UK’s leading trainer in Energy Psychology EFT. Her company runs training courses nationally as part of the De-Stress The Nation campaign.

For more information about workshops and courses in your area please contact Sandra Hillawi’s company, Passion for Health Limited via email or by telephone : 023 92 43 39 28.

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