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Developing and Mastering Existing Skills and Supporting you in your Practice. There are a number of courses available :

  • Advanced MET

For EFT L2 / MET practitioners who have had at least 6 months experience in practice.
Course Aims : Refining and extending skills with EP tools.
Forum for personal development and learning from peer group and senior practitioner discussion.


  • Supervision, Discussion of interesting cases and observations, Difficulties in practice
  • Adding to and Refining your EFT technique
  • Incorporation of other Energy Therapies into your practice eg EmoTrance*, TAT*, BSFF*, iEFT, Energy Nutrition principles and Heart Healing
  • More on muscle testing and psychological reversal
  • Timeline approach for mapping chronic problems
  • Choices statement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Questioning techniques to find root causes
  • Borrowing benefits for workshops and group therapy
  • Time to spend on your own personal development through learning new techniques
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Advanced MET certification will be awarded to those who have attended both days at the end of the course. No exam or case studies. Advanced MET license fee £35 included in course fee.

Note about Gary Craig’s EFT L3

Advanced MET does not qualify you for EFT L3. Adv MET aims is to broaden as well as deepen your skills by introducing you to other METs. L3 aims is to deepen skills in EFT alone and requires at least 2 days pure EFT supervision over a weekend PLUS a further 8 hours on going supervision with an experienced trainer over a year.

For those wishing to achieve EFT L3 also, this course may contribute 1 days pure EFT supervision and development towards this qualification.

Course Text Book : Advanced Patterns in EFT from Dragon Rising Store – very highly recommended

Course Dates : See Events Diary

  • EmoTrance Advanced Practitioner

This is a wonderful course deepening your knowledge and skills with energy. The concepts and experiences covered are not so much for your clients, but for you the practitioner, to expand your consciousness of energy work, your relationship with yourself and the oceans of energy around you.

Course covers : Ereas, Thoughtfields, Powerfields, Rainbow Connection for Conflict Resolution; Energy Outside the Body, Demons, Shadows and Burdens; Energy of Learning; HEROS Higher Energetic Reality Operating Systems, The Energy Mind, Heart Energy Centre and Soul Relationships, the Spiral of Life; Heart Healing and the Importance of the Heart of Energy; The Conscious Mind, Thought Flow and Snow Globes; The Autogenic Body, Restoring our relationship with our Physical Body, BeautyT – real alternative to plastic surgery; The Autogenic Universe and Energy Magic; The problem with Fear; From fear to fun; Art Solutions, Symbol Making and Magic Potions; Energy Dancing; Metaphors and the Energy Mind.

Certification is at the end of the 2-day course. Licence fee £25 included in the course fee.

Text Books : Living Energy, Energy Magic, BeautyT and other EmoTrance products from Dragon Rising Bookstore

Course Dates : See Events Diary

  • EmoTrance Trainer

Become a trainer of EmoTrance with a license to run Et Self Help Workshops, ET Application Workshops, ET Practitioner Training and ET Advanced Practitioner Training. Receive CDROM with all handouts, logos, audio training; marketing & promotional materials, certificate templates for you to use and customise. Understand administrative processes and qualification standards. Enhance your career and income, and recover your investment on your first training event with your first 3 clients. Extend your influence for healing and transformation in the world far beyond your private practice. Make a bigger difference. PLUS Your Next Step Day of Transformation. Remove blockages between you and your next goal, be it who you want to be or what you want to do; Develop a Clear Vision of your Goals, Awaken your Passion, Develop the Personal power to implement your Practical Plans for achieving your goal.

more details    Course Dates : See Events Diary

Course Dates : See Events Diary

  • Healing Retreat for Therapists

Spend a weekend to work on yourself at beautiful Sedgwick Park House in West Sussex.
As healers we are committed to helping others improve their health and wellbeing and achieve their goals in life, yet we don’t always take the time out to help ourselves. This weekend is a chance to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings, reconnect with colleagues and friends, and exchange healing therapies. The structured time will allow 4 major sessions over the weekend. This is your chance to let go of current stresses, to heal the past once and for all, to work on your physical health, to work on your personal transformation and clearing the path towards your goals.

Sedgwick Park House is a magnificent private stately home with stunningly beautiful gardens. It can accommodate up to 15 on a bed & Breakfast, allocated on a first come first served basis or you can stay at local B&B accommodation. Make retreat and accommodation enquiries directly through Passion for Health.

Retreat fee includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
For accomodation and evening meals, Contact Us by Email or call us on +44 (0)208 133 3678

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