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To promote health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at home and in the workplace nationwide through the teaching of and application of energy psychology tools for stress release, emotional healing and personal development.

Passion for Health was founded by Sandra Hillawi, Natural Health Practitioner and National Trainer in Energy Psychology.

Sandra set up Passion for Health to broaden the uptake of these tools on a national level through the public sector, private health practitioners and in the corporate field for true stress reduction, health risk reduction, emotional healing and personal development.

Passion for Health is the leading training company in Energy Psychology running public workshops and professional certification for practitioners and therapists and personal development weekends and healing retreats for the general public.

Passion for Health now has a growing network of qualified trainers and practitioners nationwide which it supports through dynamic PR and Marketing activities who deliver the professional training courses and run stress clinics for the general public throughout the UK.

For Stress in the Workplace Passion for Health has a range of solutions from work with key individuals to high risk groups to full corporate education and training programmes.


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About Passion  For Health

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Sandra Hillawi, Proprietor

Sandra graduated in Physics and had her first career in the corporate world working in IT. As a result of a growing interest in nutrition for health on a personal level she changed career and now runs the Detox Clinic in Gosport alongside the Stress Clinic with a specialist interest in stress and the link to physical health problems.


Sandra is a qualified Master Herbalist, Colonic Therapist and a licensed Practitioner and is an international Trainer of Meridian Therapies, EFT and EmoTrance which are tools of Energy Psychology. Sandra is a co-director of The AMT and one of only two designated Trainers of Trainers in this professional field in the UK and is author of the best-selling book The Love Clinic.





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